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Need service for you garage doors in Friendswood TX? Look no further than the local experts at Henderson Garage Door Services, LLC. Since 1989, we have been serving the community in the sale, installation, and repair of residential and commercial door systems. Customer service has always been our first concern and will remain the number one concern as long as we are in business.

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Installing a Garage Door in Friendswood TX

While it may not seem so on the surface, the garage door is one of the most vital components of your home. A garage door that doesn't work properly could either keep you from using the garage, or worse still, it could allow just anyone to enter your garage or home.

Installing a garage door is an endeavor that should not be taken lightly, whether installing a steel garage door, or one that is made of wood. Such an undertaking will require the services of a garage door installation company.

Garage doors are much more functional than those of the past. As such, we have a more functional door that can be opened with a simple remote control. Installing a garage door, however, is not intended for the novice. The fact of the matter is that installing a garage door is quite a dangerous occupation to someone who is not experienced in the installation.

They type of garage door you choose is up to your own personal taste. Garage doors are made of wood or metal, and they can raise up or slide across. There are other options as well, but those two are most common. In either case, most garage doors involve the use of springs, wires and other mechanisms that make the door work, along with a garage door opener that activates the movement.

Unlike other garage door companies, we don't work with sub-contractors to get the job done. When you call Henderson, you'll receive help from trained and insured technicians that work directly for us. We take our work seriously at Henderson, and we make sure that we are in control of the services that we provide to customers. We're proud of our reputation for prompt, professional, and reliable service and we'd like to welcome you to the Henderson Family!

Garage Door Service

If you're not experiencing issues with your Friendswood TX garage door, preventative maintenance is recommended at least once annually. If you use your garage door frequently, you might require more frequent maintenance or servicing. But, if you have any safety concerns or suspect any problems with your garage door, stop using it and have a professional come out and inspect it. Professional garage door inspections in Friendswood TX and maintenance can extend your garage door's lifespan and ensure it's functioning properly and safely. 

Keep in mind, your garage door is the heaviest and largest moving part of your house. Any type of repair or service to it can be potentially dangerous and it's never recommended you try any repairs yourself. If you're in need of any type of garage door service, be sure to give us a call!

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